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Eight years ago, I carried about 35 different Christmas ornaments, mainly designed to complement my books. The ornaments consisted of a variety of shapes and sizes, designs hand painted in Austria, Poland and China. Each year we continued to expand the designs. Today we sell about 150 different ornaments. When Sept 11 hit and patriotism in America was at a record high, the ornaments featuring the American flag were very popular. We were ready with the “Spirit of America” both on a ball and an egg-shaped ornament as well as a molded Waving American Flag.

The waving flag ornament caught the eye of an officer in an organization called the Sons of the Confederacy. He asked if using the mold of the flag we could paint a series of flags for him that would be sold each December at an annual ball. Thus, the slogan was adopted, “If we don’t have what you want, we will make what you need” when it comes to ornaments.

Custom Ornament 1 Custom Ornament 2

Buyers from Valley Forge to Mount Vernon to Jefferson National sought us out to design ornaments for their historical sites. Many designs are exterior scenes of a building such as the Governor’s Mansion in AL or the Old Court House in St Louis. For Mount Vernon we did a reproduction of an antique painting on a rectangular shape and an airy painting of a modern snow scene on a ball. Whole villages represented retailers in Vail and Beaver Creek as well as the Franklin, TN Town Square. Interiors are not to be excluded. We did a series of the Red, Blue and Green Rooms in the White House and another where all three were combined on one ball. Creativity is as key as the design we did for Sticks Furniture.

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Whatever your need, the steps to getting started are very simple:

  1. A minimum order is 312 pieces. Fewer can be made, but the individual cost increases.
  2.  Client provides artwork or photographs of the scene and any writing you may want on the ornament. Artists in Poland can only visualize what you send them.
  3. Ornaments can be of any shape or size: there are two sizes of balls and egg-shaped ornaments; molded to the shape of your building or object; a rectangular postcard allows for the description/slogan on the back.
  4. Prices vary according to the difficulty of the design and the quantity ordered. ($15-$22)
  5. The factory will make the design to the best of their ability and send a digital image to you for correction or suggestions. Process is repeated until design is approved. Can take 6-12 weeks.
  6. A prototype will be sent for personal inspection and marketing before order arrives.
  7. Since all work is done by hand, there may be a slight variation in painting.
  8. Production of 1 prototype will cost between 600-$700 depending upon difficulty.
  9.  Once the prototype is approved, a 50% deposit is required before the work begins.
  10. Ornaments will be packaged in a plain white box with a cellophane window. Small balls or eggs will not have a window.
  11. Process in springtime takes about 3 months; up to 5 months during busy summer months.
  12. Ornaments will be made in Poland and will pass through customs in Tampa, FL.
  13. Made in America ornaments are available for buildings constructed using simple line drawings.
  14. Shipping is by air from Poland and standard ground once they arrive in the states.
  15. Final payment plus shipping is due upon receipt of the ornaments.

For consultation, contact Mary at 813.968.2020 or . Send images to same email address. We advise working a season ahead to avoid disappointment and added expense. We are here to help you and want to provide a custom ornament that serves you well.

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