1973 Nixon Gift Print featuring James Monroe
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1973 Nixon Gift Print featuring James Monroe

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A Monroe Christmas was the theme for Christmas in 1973. James Monroe (1817-1825) had influenced the Nixon White House in several ways. Specifally they returned many pieces of the original furniture from the Monroe era to their rightful place. In keeping with this theme President and Mrs. Nixon decided to give a reproduction of Presidnet James Monroe by Samuel F.B. Morse as their Christmas gift to their staff in 1973.. Hall mark placed it in a white velour folder. The sentiment on the keepsake was as follows: " With our best wishes, The President and Mrs. Nixon At Christmas 1973." Something in the reproduction caused brownish marks to appear on the parchment page. This is not rare, but usual - part of the character of this 11" x 13 3/4" keepsake.
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