Donald Trump For President 2020 Limited Edition of 100 Button NEW
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Donald Trump For President 2020 Limited Edition of 100 Button NEW




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Donald Trump For President 2020 Campaign Button. Limited Edition of 100. On Back: A Presidential Christmas Celebrating our American Heritage 2.25" 100% Made in the USA. Second in a Ltd Ed Series 50A - Jan 2020
Assembled with the highest quality materials, a piece of clear mylar plastic film is placed on top of the Trump image which is hand pressed onto shell. It is attached with a durable collet to make one of the strongest buttons available. The back paper, (a common procedure in the late 1800’ and early 1900’s to identify the manufacturers) has been brought back to life by adhering it to the back of the button inside the collet with the Serial Number that begins APC...
These beautiful campaign buttons will become collectors’ items in the years to come. You can support your favorite candidate by proudly wearing the buttons or you can collection them as they generally increase in value each year.
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