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Custom Ornaments

A Presidential Christmas is pleased that you are interested in developing a custom ornament.  Mary Seeley looks forward to working with you through email at mls42@aol.com or by phone at 800-738-7838. My partner is an expert in the development of ornaments and deals directly with the factory in Poland on your behalf.

  • Our minimum order is 312 pieces individually packed in master cartons of 24.  A deeper discount is given for quantities of 500 and 1000 pieces.
  • Stage 1: The Client provides digital artwork of the landmark, building, scene, event or logo etc.  Send the  image to Mary at mls42@aol.com as soon as possible.  This year we are working with a number of interested parties on a first come, first serve basis.
  •   Explicit instructions as to detail, coloration, wording and box at the onset is important and cost effective.  Artists in Poland can only create ornaments from the instructions that we send them:

    A.  Is there an anniversary to commemorate and a date for completion?
    B.  What is the key focus of the art? Is there anything unusual in the image (brass tree, other)?
    C.  What shape of ornament is desired, if you have a preference - common options are Ball (most popular) two sizes; egg-shaped; rectangular-postcard; molded to shape of building; artwork on medallion or within a frame.
    D. What is the coloration of the building, shutters, roof, door, driveway; types of flowers, trees, flags?
    E.  What season of the year is to be depicted: snow in winter w/no leaves/ or spring flowers, green grass?
    F.  What is the exact wording to be printed on the ornament if any? Script or bold print?
    G.  Do you like flat painting or highlighted with glitter (crystals also available but adds cost)?
    H.  Do you prefer a box with APC logo or plain white?

  • Stage 2: The factory will create the design  according to your specifications.  Then they send a digital image to you for comments and suggestions. Process is repeated until final design is approved. Repeated changes invariably increase the cost and prolong the process.
  • Stage 3: The cost varies according to the difficulty of the design and the quantity ordered.  The factory has to see the image before giving a reasonable quote (Range $12-$25). Simplicity and Specifications up front will keep the cost down.
  • Production of a prototype will cost between $300-$500 depending upon difficulty. This is due whether or not you choose to move ahead with the production.
  • A 50% deposit is required before the painting of your ornaments begin.
  • Stage 4: Marketing begins when the final prototype is sent to you for promotion/ pre-sales.
  • The process in springtime takes about 4 months depending upon your ability to provide specific information and respond in a timely manner.   
  • Stage 5: Packaging of most ornaments will be in a white box with a cellophane window. Smaller ornaments will not have a window.  Unless specified, the box will carry the logo of A Presidential Christmas. Plain white boxes available upon request in the beginning.
  • Stage 6: Shipping is by air from Poland to Tampa, FL where they must clear customs. The client pays 1/3 of the shipping from Poland plus Fed Ex ground to your destination.
  • Stage 7: Final payment of production, plus shipping, is due upon receipt of the ornaments.
  • We advise working a season ahead to avoid disappointment and added expense. We are here to help you and want to provide a custom ornament that serves you well.
  • Many of our clients reorder year after year or plan a series of yearly ornaments to meet their needs.

Our factory is one of the best in Poland and takes pride in their work.  They have been selected to paint for Presidents, Vice Presidents, Museums, Presidential Libraries, National Parks, Hotels, Resorts, National Organizations, Stores and Entrepreneurs.

Here are some samples of Shapes and designs for past and current custom ornaments created through A Presidential Christmas:

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