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Season's Greetings from the White House has been highlighted in many publications. Below is a partial listing:


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Watch White House Holiday's Christmas Presentation at the wonderful Flagler Museum.


Collector Editions, “A Presidential Christmas: Celebrating America Year Round” by Melissa Campbell, Fall 2008.

Antiques Collecting Magazine, "A Presidential Christmas" by Carrie P. Jones. December, 2008. Read article


One-O-One, The Magazine of the Council of 101 of the Orlando Museum of Art, "Christmas at the White House" by Gary Roberts. Fall/Winter 2007

"Season’s Greetings The Collection of Presidential Christmas Memorabilia," Orlando Museum of Art. Nov 10-18,. 2007.

Read article

Read article September 24, 2007.


Frontgate Catalog Outfitting America’s Finest Homes. Holiday 2006

Coulee News, "White House Christmas Books have West Salem Connection" by Katewin Peterson, Dec 21, 2006.


Frontgate Outfitting America’s Finest Homes.  Holiday 2005

The Antique Shoppe Newspaper. "Christmas Card Greetings from the White House" by Robert Reed. December 2005. Read article

The Washington Post. “’Holiday’ Cards Ring Hollow for Some on Bushes’ List” by Alan Cooperman. December 7, 2005. Read article...

St. Pete Times. “The Secretary of Christmas,” by Rebecca Catalanello. December 21, 2005. Read article

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum.  Press Release. “Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum to unveil new temporary exhibit ‘Christmas at the White House’.”

“Christmas at the White House, Historical background to an American Tradition.” Teacher Resource Guide designed to accompany the temporary exhibit at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.


UNO Alum The Stories of Alumni Authors.  “White House Hostess” by Wendy Townley.  March 2004. Read article

Frontgate Outfitting Americas Finest Homes. Holiday 2004.

The Dallas Morning News. “Bush is first president to choose Yule card with a Scripture” Posted by velocityguy.  December 20, 2004.  Read article

Good Morning America. July 30, 2002.  “Season’s Greetings from the White House” book given to Dianne Sawyer (and rest of team) by Lisa Tobin of Tampa.

Philadephia Inquirer. “Holiday Cheer from Presidents since the Coolidge Years.” by Walter Naedele. November 13, 2002.

The Washington Post Magazine.  “Mail from the Chief.” November 28, 2002.

The New York Times.  “White House Letter: The World, Minus One Million, Fails to Make Bush Christmas Card List” by Elizabeth Bumiller. December 9, 2002. 

Read article “Presidential Christmas Cards on View at Byers’ Choice.


First Baptist Church of Orlando.  “Christmas at the White House” by Mary Ann Underwood.  Dec. 2000.

Giftware News, June 2000 Christmas Trend Watch 2000

Giftware News, July 2000 Christmas at the White House

GLMmarketplace.com 2000  A Presidential Christmas


Media Advisory.  “Truman Library Gets into the Holiday Spirit” Nov 30, 1999. Read article


Focus on the Family Radio, November 13, 1998

Focus on the Family Magazine, “Presidential Christmas Memorabilia on Display at Focus’ Welcome Center”.  December 1998.

Read article

Private Clubs Magazine, “T’is the Season” by Louis Marroquin.  November-December 1998


Springs Style, The Best Of Colorado Springs. “The Seeley Collection, Rare Presidential Memorabilia” October1996-Sept 1997.

Focus on the Family Radio, November 17, 1997 “Christmas Traditions” Dr. Dobson and Mary Seeley.

Los Angeles Times.  “Displays Bring Yule Spirit to ReaganLibrary” by Jane Hulse. November 20, 1997.

Los Angeles Times.  “Time to Shine” by Jane Hulse.  November 20, 1997.

Simi Valley Star, December 1, 1997


Prologue Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration. “Season’s Greetings from the White House, Presidential Words and Pictures” by Mary Evans Seeley.   Winter 1996 Vol. 28, No.4.

LaCrosse Tribune, “Former Bangor Woman Author of Christmas Book” by Pat Moore.  November 1996.

USA Weekend, November 15-17, 1996

Four Seasons Magazine, Holiday, 1996

Political Bandwagon, December 1996.

Ladies Home Journal, December 1996

CSPAN, Richard Nixon Presidential Library.  Lecture by Mary Evans Seeley The Tampa Tribune. “Greetings from the White House” by Renee Garrison. December 8, 1996.

Omaha World Herald. ‘White House Christmas” by Tracy LeBlanc. December 11, 1996.

The Herald Dispatch, Huntington, WVA.  “PresidentialTraditions” by Bob Withers.  December 15, 1996.

Antique Week. “New Book takes a look at White House Traditions” by Michael McQuillen.

The Atlantic Journal Constitution. "Recalling Glory of Christmas at the White House" by Celestine Sibley.  December 25, 1996.


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