Season's Greetings From the White House

Season's Greetings From the White House




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This is the exclusive White House Holidays "Season's Greetings" book! We've taken our exhaustive knowledge of past presidents to give you a glimpse of what Christmas looked like for each of those presidents. It begins with Calvin Coolidge, who lit the first national Christmas tree in DC, 1923, and traces Christmas for every president up to the last president, George W. Bush.

This is a best selling White House Christmas Book dedicated to the Christmas Greetings of the First Family. It makes a great gift for those who love Christmas and enjoy the history of this country.

First Lady Nancy Reagan wrote of the book, "It was a pleasure to share...the holiday traditions we enjoyed during our eight years in the White House. This book certainly preserves for all Americans an important but often overlooked part of Presidential history."

This sixth edition is updated through George W. Bush's 2006 Christmas.

272 pages. Printed in America. Book inventory is limited.

***7th Edition Updated Version NOW AVAILABLE as EBOOK at Amazon,Apple, Nook ***

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