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About the Official 2011 White House Ornament

The 2011 White House Ornament is a celebration of Christmastime with Theodore Roosevelt, affectionately known as "Teddy". Teddy brought six children to live with him and his wife in the White House. Christmas with the Roosevelts was a festive time full of surprises, and this ornament captures the excitement perfectly!

What Does the Front of the Ornament Represent?

The front of the 2011 ornament represents the excitement of the Roosevelt family as the first White House Christmas draws close. No children had lived in the White House since 1897, so Santa Claus is especially thrilled to visit the White House to deliver gifts to all six of Teddy's children. That's why he's exclaiming "I hear that there are some kids in the White House this year!".

What's on the Back of the Ornament?

The back of the ornament is about hidden trees and conservation thwarted. Roosevelt didn't believe trees should be used solely for decoration, and wanted to set a good example by not having a cut tree in the White House for Christmas. Apparently, his son Archie and Quentin thought that having a tree was a good idea, and proceeded to sneak a small tree into their closet. The back of the ornament captures the moment when the tree is revealed to Teddy and the family. The good news is that Theodore learned that cutting trees was good for forests, as thinning them allows smaller trees to grow. After learning this, Teddy did allow a tree for Christmas from then on!

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