2021 Apollo 50th Anniversary Commemorative Ornament
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2021 Apollo 50th Anniversary Commemorative Ornament




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Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 14. It was the eighth crewed mission in the United States Apollo program, the third to land on the Moon, and the first to land in the lunar highlands. It was the last of the "H missions", landings at specific sites of scientific interest on the Moon for two-day stays with two lunar moonwalks. Commander Alan Shepard, Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa, and Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell launched on their nine-day mission on Sunday, January 31, 1971.Shepard and Mitchell made their lunar landing on February 5. They collected 94.35 pounds of Moon rocks and deployed several scientific experiments. Apollo 15 was also launched in July of 197 It was the first J mission, with a longer stay on the Moon and a greater focus on science than earlier landings. Apollo 15 had the first use of the Lunar Roving Vehicle.
The second 1971 mission began on July 26 and ended on August 7.
This ornament commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the launch of Apollo 14, highlighting various elements from the special event. 100% USA Made. Handcrafted. Etched from solid brass, finished in rhodium silver and printed in vibrant color. Measures approx. 2.9x2.3in. Hangs from a ribbon. Packaged in a window box.
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