2023 White House Holidays Annual Ornament - North Entrance Hall
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2023 White House Holidays Annual Ornament - North Entrance Hall

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The 2023 White House Heritage Collection™ Ornament features the North Entrance Hall of the White House, which originally was the Cross Hall connecting all State Rooms into one large reception area. A stained-glass Tiffany screen was installed in 1892 between the columns to divide the Cross Hall from the Entrance Hall to increase heating efficiency. Architect Charles McKim simplified the room's interiors by removing the second set of stairs, the stained-glass screen, and the colored tiles on the floor. The Entrance Hall underwent a historical redecoration when Jacqueline Kennedy became the First Lady. In the 20th century, the Entrance Hall was used for receptions, small concerts, and dancing, and was also featured on Christmas cards and gift prints for presidents such as Ronald and Nancy Reagan, George and Laura Bush, and Barack and Michelle Obama.

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Inside the beautiful box is a pamphlet with the full story of this wonderfully crafted ornament. Be sure to take the time to read more about it!


  • Materials: Brass with 24 karat gold finish
  • Size: 3 1/4" x 2 3/4 x 1/4"
  • Included: Ornament, history card
  • Package: Beautiful, custom red and gold box
  • Origin: Made in America
  • Exclusivity: These Heritage Collection ornaments are designed with care by our team and led by our expert historian, and are not sold anywhere else

More about the design

This ornament is even more beautiful in your hands and on your tree than it is in the pictures. The beautiful Steinway piano is physically mounted above the rest of the ornament, casting real shadows. The white banner at the bottom of the ornament is surfaced above the beautiful gold frame. Incredible attention was paid to details in the design.

More about the North Hall

The North Entrance Hall, also known as the Entrance Hall or the North Portico, is a beautiful part of the White House. It has played a crucial role in the architectural development and ceremonial functions of the White House. If a room could talk, the North Hall would have a lot to say!

The construction of the White House began in 1792 under the direction of President George Washington and the supervision of architect James Hoban. The North Portico was added to the White House during its reconstruction after the War of 1812. The portico served as an entrance and a ceremonial space, providing an elegant and grand approach to the main residence.

One of the most notable features of the North Entrance Hall is its iconic white columns, which are representative of the neoclassical architectural style. The entrance hall leads to the Cross Hall, which extends east to west and connects the State Dining Room to the East Room.

Over the years, the North Entrance Hall has witnessed numerous historic events, including presidential inaugurations, state arrivals and departures, and official ceremonies. Notable moments include the receptions of foreign dignitaries, the greeting of ambassadors, and the welcoming of heads of state.

In addition to its ceremonial functions, the North Entrance Hall also serves as a display area for important artworks and furnishings. Many presidents have utilized this space to exhibit historical artifacts, artwork, and sculptures that reflect the heritage and culture of the United States.

The North Entrance Hall has undergone renovations and modifications throughout its history to accommodate the evolving needs of the White House. However, its overall design and purpose have remained consistent, representing a symbol of the presidency and the nation.

Today, the North Entrance Hall continues to be a significant area within the White House, welcoming guests and dignitaries, hosting important events, and contributing to the overall grandeur and history of the presidential residence.

More about the Steinway Piano

The history of the Steinway piano in the White House's North Entrance Hall is steeped in tradition and musical significance. The first Steinway piano was introduced to the White House during the administration of President Theodore Roosevelt in the early 1900s. It was a gift from Steinway & Sons, the renowned piano manufacturer, and was placed in the North Entrance Hall, where it has remained ever since.

The design of the piano is unlike any other.  It was created with three gilded Eagles for its legs and has gold leaf decorations along its side that represent different types of music listened to in our great country.  Over the years, this iconic instrument has witnessed countless historical moments and musical performances within the walls of the White House. It has been played by renowned musicians and esteemed guests and adds elegance and artistic flair to the grandeur of the North Entrance Hall.

The Steinway piano in the White House has become an emblem of cultural heritage and an embodiment of the power of music to unite and inspire.

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I collect them, they’re awesome

Dos palos, CA
Been getting them for several years

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The ornament is very pretty.

Alexandria, VA
Beautiful decorations for my tree??

Plymouth, MN
Quality products

Hessmer, LA
It is absolutely beautiful and the person who took my order was very nice and I have nothing but good to say about the whole process James Gauthier

Albuquerque, NM
I've bought these in the past and think they are fabulous. I started a collection for my son who really appreciates them, is very political so this is great collection for him to own.

Mechanicsville, MD
The ornament is beautiful and it is always so easy to order whatever you want. They come in a very timely manner and look beautiful on the tree at Christmas!

Union, SC
I like the way it looks

Manassas, VA

Jonesboro, GA
I love these annual ornaments. They are always beautifully prepared.

Pensacola, FL
I have a special Christmas tree just for White House ornaments. I have been accumulating them for years--and have had to buy a bigger tree to accommodate all of them. They are interesting, mostly beautiful, and meaningful.

Mechanicsville, VA
As every thing else has, they have gone up in price. They are still lovely. My children have everyone. Thank you for such good service

White Hall, MD
Perfect for my collection...

Baltimore, MD

Port Monmouth, NJ
I have been ordering the Christmas ornament since I worked for the Army as a gift for my son & daughter-in-law. I think every one is gorgeous. They are so special I hope to continue to purchase them as long as I am alive. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Shelbyville, IN
The defination of the piano

Bel Air, MD

Covina, CA
i buy the ornaments annually. It's a lovely ornament again this year.

The Villages, FL
I purchase evert year.

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