2023 White House Historical Association Ford Christmas Ornament
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2023 White House Historical Association Ford Christmas Ornament

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The 2023 Official Ornament of the White House Historical Association features a gorgeous Christmas Wreath. On the front of the wreath are representations of handmade toys and items, and on the back are five insignias representing significant events in President Ford's life and presidency.


  • Material: Solid brass with screen-printed finish
  • Size: 3" round
  • Features handmade toys and items on the front, and five significant times in Ford's life on the back
  • Origin: Made in the USA

Read the full story

Inside the beautiful box is a pamphlet with the full story of this wonderfully crafted ornament. Be sure to take the time to read more about it!

About the ornament

  • President Ford was our first unelected President. He began his presidency in 1974, during period of economic uncertainty and high inflation following the energy crisis of 1973. Therefore, the First Lady decided to decorate their 1974 Christmas tree with handmade toys and ornaments. In 1975, they again wanted to decorate their tree in a thrifty manner. They choose pinecones, popcorn and other items that were inexpensive, yet fun.
  • The 2023 ornament is a great way to celebrate the "thrifty" tree from Ford's White House. The wreath has a three dimensional depth to it and has all kinds of items from the Fords' trees. On the back of the wreath are insignia representing significant times in President Ford's life.
  • The included booklet provides more information on Ford, his presidency, the ornament, and the five Ford milestones represented.
  • Enjoy this wonderful collectible on your tree!

About Gerald Ford's Presidency

Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States, served from 1974 to 1977. He became president after the resignation of President Richard Nixon, who resigned during the Watergate scandal. Ford was the first person to become president without being elected either president or vice president.

During his presidency, Ford faced several significant challenges. One of his first actions as president was to issue a pardon to Richard Nixon, which was controversial at the time. He also faced economic challenges, including high inflation and rising unemployment.

Ford also had to deal with foreign policy issues during his presidency, including the fall of Saigon in Vietnam, the signing of the Helsinki Accords, and tensions with the Soviet Union.

In terms of domestic policy, Ford was known for his efforts to combat inflation through a series of economic policies and initiatives, including the "Whip Inflation Now" campaign. He also signed several significant pieces of legislation into law, including the Privacy Act of 1974 and the Education for All Handicapped Children Act.

Overall, Ford's presidency was marked by significant challenges and controversies, but he is generally seen as a steady and competent leader who helped to restore some stability and confidence to the presidency in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal.

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Mandeville, LA
Its beautiful. I have just discovered these ornaments. Plan to buy every year.

My wife has been collecting the Christmas ornaments for years. We both love them. The artwork & craftsmanship are great. Thanks!

Stephentown, NY
As always a beautifully made ornament. I love the ornaments from the White House as not only do they have an historical link they are lovely. I have display metal stand where I have them showing year round.

Ionia, MI
The intricate detail and the touches germane to President Ford make it very special.

Falling Waters, WV
Was on President Fords protective detail. Glad to see him honored. Ornament and wreath is beautiful. Very personal details

Kenmore, NY
Very good quality on the ornament, art work is awesome.

Williamsburg, VA
It's great as always!

Grantham, NH
It is similar to another year and was hoping for something a little different.

Mechanicsville, VA
Gorgeous ornament. However, difficult to make out the relationship to President Ford.

Newark, DE
We love the ornament, and all of them over the years. we have a tree dedicated just to White House Ornaments! we love learning about the history of the specific ornament and the President it is honoring. We look forward to this being a long lasting holiday tradition through the years!

Pawleys Island, SC
I love all my beautiful White House ornaments.

Chestertown, MD
This year the design is not a stunning as years past! Still beautiful but a little flat.

Carolina Shores, NC
These ornaments are always so beautiful! I love receiving them each and every year.

Salisbury, NC
Very lovely ornament.

Bolivia, NC
Like that both sides are very decorative

Belmont, MI
The Whitehouse ornaments is a nice way to celebrate both our great nation and Christmas.

Ames, IA
I normally love buying these every year. My mom started buying them when I was young and I’m 64 now. I have every year. This year was disappointing. I’m not sure who chooses the design but I have a lot of wreaths. I like the more original designs like the helicopter, the trains etc. Please try to do more original designs. If it’s up to the president or White House, ask them to think outside the box like our last president did.

It is so beautiful and elegant.

Matthews, NC
Have collected the White House ornaments for 23 years & have also purchased them for friends. They are always designed & packaged beautifully; love the history booklet that comes with them!

Hockessin, DE
The ornament arrives in a beautiful package with a lovely brochure. There is a story behind each one. The design and the workmanship of the wreath is stunning. It makes a great addition to my tree.

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