The Constitution of the United States Pocket Edition ENGLISH
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The Constitution of the United States Pocket Edition ENGLISH

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The Constitution was finalized and signed by 39 individuals on September 17, 1787, the day we now celebrate as “Constitution Day.”

The Constitution outlines how our national government is supposed to operate and lays out the responsibilities and restrictions of that government. It also specifies rights guaranteed to each American, rights that need to be understood by all. Take time to read the Constitution. The Pocket Edition of the original Constitution of the United States is a handy tool to study the document This special edition copy of The Constitution of the United States that has been proofed word for word against the original Constitution housed in the Archives in Washington, D.C. It is identical in spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

This 52-page pocket sized booklet contains The Constitution of the United States (including The Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27) and The Declaration of Independence.

On the front cover there is a picture of George Washington holding a quill in his hand, inviting each of us to pledge our commitment to The Constitution of the United States.

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Debra A
Flushing, MI
Handy & excellent to have it at all time.

Santa Fe, NM
FAST service and GREAT prices

Quartz Hill, CA
This is a great pocket item to have handy. Love it and this time I bought extras for give always.

Woodinville, WA

Carneys Point, NJ
E V E Y O N E M U S T H A V E O N T H E I R P E R S O N, because of the present political crisi ... if one is not a republican , it may not apply to you !!

Fort Worth, TX
I liked that it had the extra information at the end. nice size for the pocket.

There was the slightest hint of an impression of the text. This leads me to believe that it was printed on a letterpress using plates. A method a printing that has been all but extinguished. And the method that was used using type, when the original text of the document was printed. Good job.

Vancouver, WA
I was worried that it might be too small to read but it's perfect.

Mount Pleasant, PA

Just love them. Everyone should have them

Hicksville, NY
It’s a great size so that I can take it everywhere . I Love it
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